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About me

Welcome to my sanctuary...

I have studied Herbalism & Traditional Chinese medicine. I always practiced natural ways to help any symptoms that came across my path. As a child, I was always running barefoot on my grandparents back property. I encountered so many beautiful plants, nibbled on many & learned which plants (such as Stinging nettle) caused reactions. Oh, how easy to fall in love with so many ‘weeds’.

Hi, My name is Candice, I am the mother of 2 wild boys who make each day better than the last. I love to grow medicinal plants & grow vegetables for my family. My aim is to become as self-sufficient as possible by preserving our food & creating our medicine with the herbs & plants that I grow.

I want to show others that medicine is all around us. There are many common backyard plants that we can benefit from. Including what we use as a day to day culinary herb within our dishes can have a huge impact on our daily health. Being conscience of different common herbs that you might already have in your pantry & work with them to enhance your families health.

This space will serve as my journal of sorts. Different ways to benefit from every part of a plant that can heal myself, my family & friends.

Thanks for joining me,


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