Medicinal Tea Broth Bags


You make your own bone broth at home but also want the added benefits of medicinal plants? My medicinal tea bags are perfect for this. Just add a tea bag with your rest of your stock while it simmers away!

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When I create my beef, chicken or vegetable stock I always add one of my medicinal tea bags. A simple way to get medicinal benefits in my stock.

When you are creating your homemade broth, add one of these Medicinal Tea bags for your stock! Great way to get your medicinal herbs into your diet

Includes 5, 1 oz bags per package.

Whats in each 1 oz tea bag:

Astragulus root– A warming tonic that is antiviral, adaptogenic, immune stimulant, diuretic, and a vasodilator. Can help to lower blood pressure and increase endurance. Helps to stabilize kidney function and useful for the common cold.

Burdock root– Burdock root helps to cleanse the body of waste products and heavy metals. Therefore, it detoxifies, is a mild diuretic, antibiotic, anticancer,  antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory. Good for skin issues, arthritic conditions, gout, fevers and kidney stones.

Dandelion root– The root has anticancer properties, detoxifies, stimulates the liver and gallbladders to clear toxins from the system, helps with inflammation, constipation, and skin issues. Also, supports the gut flora and is a good prebiotic, and stimulates insulin release from the pancreas.

Dandelion leaf– Is bitter and used as a mild diuretic in cases of water retention and bladder or kidney issues. Can help treat high blood pressure by reducing the volume of fluid within the body. Contains iron, calcium, carotenoids and high amounts of potassium.

Nettle leaf– High in quercitin, calcium, potassium, silicic acid and iron, Vitamin K, protein, beta-carotene and flavonoids. Has been used for hay fever, arthritis, anemia as well as skin conditions. Anti-inflammatory, tonic, diuretic, and astringent. Nettle helps to restore the body and rebuild energy. Useful for growing pains, the reproductive system in men & women.

Turmeric– Anti-inflammatory, lowers cholesterol levels, antimicrobial, anti-platelet. Great for circulatory disorders, skin conditions, also helps to increase bile production. Works well where long-term inflammation has been a major factor.

Reishi mushroom– An adaptogen source of ganoderic acid. An immunostimulant, helps with leaky gut syndrome, Epstein-Barr virus, and chronic bronchitis. Reishi mushrooms are antioxidants and liver protectants and can help to lower cholesterol.

Whole black pepper– Stimulates the digestive tract and circulatory system. Is an immunomodulatory, antioxidant, antiasthmatic, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and antiulcer properties. Combined with Turmeric it helps to augment its efficacy.

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