-What is this hippy ‘grounding’ stuff?-

When I google “grounding”, the first thing that pops up is Merriam Webster’s definition.

ground·​ing | \ ˈgrau̇n-diŋ \ : training or instruction in the fundamentals of a field of knowledge

Training or instruction in the fundamentals. Of a field of knowledge. It clearly sings to me, that my feet are in training & the ground is the knowledge. Or, is it just me?

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”

― J.R. Rim

-If my feet could tell stories…-

Since I can remember, or in what I’ve seen in the few photos of my childhood; was that barefoot was just me. I had learned to run on the driveway with all its pot holes & mini rocks scattered around. Investigating the back acreage on my grandparents property. Discovering prickles, thorns, nettles, & sticks with my nimble feet. Followed by the everyday occurrence of smooshing either a slug ( the brownish fat bathwater pruned kind or the green with the black spots kind) or an innocent bumblebee. Oh, & there were a few nail steps in this foot journey of mine.

Still to this up coming 40th year of my life. I have been barefoot whenever possible. I will still mow the lawn barefoot. (please I’ve been told, yes if i lose a toe, i would also loose a toe with a shoe too.) Garden barefoot, drive barefoot (yes, it is legal), just anything that I don’t need a pair of shoes for, my toes like to be free.

-My hippy interpretation-

What I believe to be grounding is, really follows the words of the above definition. Training, fundamentals & knowledge. Between mother earth, in all her textures & shoes that I would wear, there would be no connection. The transfer of the knowledge is between your skin to the earth. I really believe that being as close as you can to nature is the best healer. You are getting your fingers dirty in the dirt. Why should your toes miss out on the fun?!

I regularly wash my feet during the day. If I have not already jumped into the pool in between my gardening tasks. I have a tub that i wash my happy feet, just like I would wash my hands coming into the house. So, if that was your excuse of having dirty feet. No reason not to now! ha!

Grounding for me helps me get through the day. Keeps me humble. Keeps me happy. A magical daily invisible pill. Right beneath my feet. Through this connection I stand tall, & my anxiety is almost non existent.

“Get yourself grounded and you can navigate even the stormiest roads in peace.”

― Steve Goodier

Invest in yourself with reading:

Grounding: coming home to yourself By Nell Arnaud
Grounding by Jennifer Nearents (free on kindle at the time of posting if you’re a member)
Grounding a collection of poems: The business of peace-making, culture & decision making by Sarah Blake

I feel calmer, more within myself when I have my feet on the ground. Literally. My feet on the ground. Training & knowledge. Exactly like what the definition said. Being taught that to care for myself spiritually & mentally, I am also helping my Mother earth in small ways. By keeping my dandelions up for the first buffet for our bees. Keeping toxic chemicals off my lawn, & away from my garden. Living my life as whole as I can. Zero waste, & minimalism as an accent note.

Is your vision of grounding the same as mine ? How does grounding help you in your day to day life? I’d love to hear the ways grounding heals you.

With love,


I want to show others that medicine is all around us. There are many common backyard plants that we can benefit from. Including what we use as a day to day culinary herb within our dishes can have a huge impact on our daily health. Being conscience of different common herbs that you might already have in your pantry & work with them to enhance your families health.


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