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Lemon Balm: The bees knees of all herbs

Did you know that Melissa officinalis AKA Lemon balm, is basically the créme de la créme for our bees. The genus name, Melissa (which is also the name of my partner, very fitting in my life) is derived from melisso-phyllon, the Greek term that means, “Bee leaf”.

How cool is that ?!

Lemon balm is a member of the mint family. Known as a remedy for depression & anxiety, heart disease & heartache, nervous disorders, also many viral and bacterial infections.

A fast-growing perennial, that self sows easily. Will lovingly lay its foundation on its own without difficulty. Hardy for zones 4-9, but grows as an annual in colder areas. Needs moist but well-drained soil & a touch of shade, but will flourish as well in full sun. Start your seeds indoors or sow seeds during the fall months for next years gift.

A sweet tasting snack, as you work in your garden, harvest a few times during the year. The best flavor is just before the flowering. So cut down to have another crop of leaves. Even when dried, the scent is still pleasant.

Balm is sovereign for the brain, strengthening the memory & powerfully chasing away melancholy

John Evelyn

The concentration of volatile oils, calms the nervous & digestive systems. Using the citral & citronellal properties of the lemon balm, they give antispasmodic actions to ease discomforts.

Getting pure essential oil from this plant is minimal. It is why a true oil of melissa is so expensive. As a result it is mixed with other lemon oils, another great reason to grow your own fresh within your garden.

Lemon balm is a thyroid inhibitor, so those with hypothyroidism or low thyroid should consult their health-care practitioner.

Being known for its soothing & calming properties. Lemon balm also helps with ADD & ADHD to be less restless, as well as helping with nightmares for a better sleep.

With its antiviral properties, it is helpful for herpes & shingles. Reduces high blood pressure, remedy for shock, & breathing palpitations.

Melissa’s essential oil helps to calm and regulate cramps, scanty menstruation & amenorrhea.

There are so many different benefits from this herb. It would be impossible to list every single one. So drink lemon balm as a tea, or add to your smoothies, soups, salads for a bit of lemony flavor. I know for one that with the calming & soothing benefits, it will always be a staple in my home.

I would love to hear about your stories with this life changing herb, how lovely it grows in your garden, or your favorite recipes.

With love,


This herb represents many thousands of plants with medicinal properties. Do not take essential oils internally unless directed by a heath care professional. Any plant substance, whether used as a food or medication, externally or internally, can cause an allergic reaction in some people. Do not try self-diagnosis or attempt self-treatment for serious or long-term problems without consulting a medical professional or qualified practitioner. Do not undertake any self-treatment while you are undergoing a prescribed course of medical treatment without first seeking professional advice. Always seek medical advice if symptoms persist.


I want to show others that medicine is all around us. There are many common backyard plants that we can benefit from. Including what we use as a day to day culinary herb within our dishes can have a huge impact on our daily health. Being conscience of different common herbs that you might already have in your pantry & work with them to enhance your families health.


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