Parasite cleanse protocol printable tracker


Parasite Cleanse Protocol Tracker

Included are 5 pages in PDF form, for digital download.

US letter size 8.5 x 11, A4, & A5

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Are you doing a Parasite Protocol?

It is best to track everything that is happening everyday to see the benefits that you have each day!
Complete with 3 different printable sizes. US letter 8.5×11, A4, A5. Print as needed each day as you complete your protocol.

It is important to track what happens each day to see what needs to be adjusted. What worked, or what didn’t work. Always speak with your health practitioner when completing a protocol. Everyone is unique.

You have your main Parasite protocol to print daily. Track your symptoms, bowel movements & everything in between. 2 different weekly meal plans, to make sure you don’t stray from your goals. As well a grocery list, and make sure you price match what you bought! We are all doing our best to save money. Tracking also what you spent on what helps what you can potentially stock up on in the future.

A complete set to help you complete your goals.

Congrats to you on your health journey!

This is a digital product download. There will be no physical item sent to you.