5 tips for Budding Herbalists

I consider anyone an herbalist, if you have the love & respect for what our plants have to offer us. If you are listening to what nature is telling you for sustainably harvesting & not taking without permission. You are an herbalist in my eyes. What hurts my heart is hearing & reading people online […]

Floral chocolate chunks

Cooking, baking & gardening all have the same thing in common. You experiment. It is so fun to explore different possibilities in a plant, successful or not. Building up your taste buds. Learning more about your connection to the plant you are working with. When baking there are so many flowers, herbs, berries & roots […]

Immune boosting medicinal honey

I have started a little side obsession. It’s infusing honey. I love to experiment with honey to create a super power punch medicinal infusion. Once I am half way through a medicinal honey jar, I start a new one! I have about 4 always in my fridge, of different flavors & tastes. This is like […]

Stinging Nettle-Urtica dioica

I remember exploring barefoot in the back acreage of my grandparents. I would eat plants that (at the time) I had no idea what they were about. I assume, it just felt right, so I ate it. Oregon grape is a plant that I had no idea what the name was, until my herbal studies […]

Dried Nettle pasta dough

2 c. all-purpose flour1/2 c. sifted nettle powder3 eggs2 Tbsp. olive oil1/2 tsp. salt1 (or more) Tbsp. water 1. Mix flour, nettle powder & salt on the counter. 2. Make a hollow center for your eggs & olive oil. Gently incorporate the liquid with the dry. In a circular motion around the well. Mix with […]

DIY Garden Herbal Facial toner

Who doesn’t love a DIY beauty project? You don’t need to have a lot of herbs to make your own beauty products. Carefully collecting your rose petals, chamomile flowers, & your lavender buds from your own garden. Drying them in a dehydrator, or on your own dry rack,( I made a herbal dry rack out […]

Milk thistle – Silybum marianum

Milk thistle – Silybum marianumFamily: AsteraceaeCommon names: Milk thistle, Lady’s Thistle, Lady’s Milk, Marian thistle, Variegated ThistleParts used: Seeds & leaf Key Actions: -Seed–-Hepatorestorative-Cholagogue-Decreases insulin resistance-Hepatoprotective-Antidepressant -Leaf-Galactagogue Energetics: -Moistening-Reduces excess heat-Reduces congestion & stagnation of tissues-Mildly bitter & mucilaginous Helps/Uses: -Protects liver damage from Environmental damage, drugs & alcohol-Physical liver damage-Depression-Improves liver function-Hormone balancer-Metabolic syndrome-Hepatitis-Increases […]

Anti -Inflammatory Honey Pastilles

My pain I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my jaw officially last year which came with a plan for a jaw restructure. I have had so far one surgery completed with another one to follow after a year of separating my teeth to have them slowly come back together. I had installed a mouth piece […]

Nourishing facial scrub

Sometimes just a couple teaspoons of joy could brighten your day! Everything about this recipe is bright. Calendula & Chamomile flowers infused with jojoba, sweet almond or apricot oil. The lemon citrus & bergamot notes smells so nice & subtle. Calendula is known for her anti-inflammatory & antioxidant components. Calendula also decreases the pigment melanin […]

Sweet dreams-An herbal pillow

I don’t know about you, but I do not sleep well. I have been waking up a lot lately around the 4 am hour. Which in Traditional Chinese medicine would be between 3am-5am, & mean that my Lung qi is out of balance. A lung imbalance would be related to underlying sadness or grief, which […]